Final thoughts on this media project~1/12/20

Looking back at this whole media project, I actually enjoyed doing this. Not only did it cause me to realize the different problems with media, but it also made me more aware of what we need to work on in society today. However, the most important takeaway for me from this experience was probably the fact that I got to read other classmates' blogs! From them, I learned about the struggles and thoughts and opinions that these people that I've been around have as well, and therefore, it is safe to say that I learned a lot more about them from their blogs that I probably wouldn't have known just in the classroom or around the school. Knowing this makes me realize how big the world is, and how small my problems are compared to all the other complex lives and problems that every other individual has, which really opened a window in my mind.

As for my own content, it did make me become more aware of how hard companies and brands will try to get my attention and buy their product…

Are we really that scary? ~1/11/20

Idea: Men aren't willing to step into the skin of women because they're scared.

"Oh NO! My boss is a woman? I've never felt so low and so degraded. I'm so scared! What am I going to do?? Woe is me!" I'm not sure if I just don't understand the pains of being a man or if it's just because I know why men think this way, it's just that I'm too devastated about the reason. My only guess is that men want to be the "dominant one" and won't miss a chance to one-up the opposite sex, which truly is messed up. I'm not saying that those few individual women don't think like this too, it's just that this is a widely known thing for men. And they're very lucky that that isn't the case for females (or else some giant war would probably start). Where did this idea come from, anyway? Is it just a primitive mindset that has been imbedded in their heads (obviously, for many centuries) which traces back to the way of animals?…

The media is our devastation. ~1/9/20

The media is giving us content that is shaping society. 

I'm not gonna lie, this is scary. There is so much stuff  in the media today that just isn't good. And if dear children are learning from a lot of these so called "role models" and "heroes" and "idols", I really don't know what will become of our world in the future. For example, let's say there's a villain who's really the "hero" of a movie, except they aren't really a hero because they're a villain but people really don't care because this villain is cool. This character does a bunch of crazy stuff like blowing up a few buildings and killing a bunch of people in the most strategic ways possible (because let's be real, most people want the action). I don't know why, but parenting seems to be slowly evolving to destruction, judging by the fact that little kids are now turning to the media and watching things that they really shouldn't be watc…

Watch out for them Cool Hunters~12/22/19

Cool Hunting and its consequences~ Hey, companies! Scared of being trampled by others who have beaten you to the latest trend? Are you afraid of being overlooked by consumers because of what they believe is "cool"? Well fear not, your cool hunters are here to help! We'll look for the coolest products and the latest trends for you. All you have to do is blow them out and kill them! 😈

My opinion: How in the heck did companies get so smart and stupid at the same time? I'm saying they're smart because they really know how to ruin a trend. Who would've known that if everyone has the same "cool" product it no longer makes that product "cool"? Then, after they are done with killing other trends, they can start their own trend which would become the next center of attention of the teen mind so that the company can laugh in the faces of other companies that have fallen victim to their devious plans (MWAHAHAHA....). To be honest, I don't know ab…

But...why the Midriff?~12/21/19

The Midriff~ This is to the ladies. Scared of having no purpose in life? Worried that you won't find "the one"? Well have no fear, there is a solution. Simply just sell your body and let the world see you as an object. This will make you (and your "fans") happy, but especially your fans!😁…..😕

My opinion: First of all, ew. Second of all, this is just sad. The fact that young ladies were (and still are) encouraged to advertise their bodies is just disgusting. They are basically telling people that it's fine to like them purely for their looks, not their true personality and who they are as people, and this is not ok. And this is probably the worst that it can get. It would actually be a wonderful thing if we women were to be admired and loved for our natural beauty and our core essence which can radiate through our physical features. This is how we should be viewed, how we deserve to be viewed. But no. The ideas on our society have been so sick and twisted t…

Coca Cola: An Ad that Actually Correlates With Its Product~12/14/19

Coca Cola~Show Me Love:

Whilst looking through all the ads on YouTube that I could find, I came across this one. Basically, in this ad, it shows our world of media today (a depressing world of hatred where people call each other names and put others down). A man, walking through an aisle of internet service connections, accidentally spills his coke bottle, soaking all of the wires in Coca Cola and the drink gets into the system. Suddenly, as Coke spreads all throughout the world's internet, positive messages appear everywhere. Signs are changed to show encouraging messages, texts change from hate to love, and the world seems a lot brighter.

This does seem like a good idea for advertising for their product: drink Coke and the world will be a better place without hate! To me, however, this ad seems to take these types of situations too lightly. In the few seconds of the video where it cuts to dozens of hateful messages, there are also imag…

Miss Dior- Another interesting ad to Muse over~12/11/19

MISS DIOR – The new Eau de Parfum:

This is another one of those ads promoting upscale, luxury brands which I happened to stumble upon. This ad is trying to sell a new perfume by the brand, Dior, and does so in a very interesting way. Instead of actually having a model holding a bottle of perfume or something, it has a storyline. It shows the actress, Natalie Portman, going about her life in the streets of Paris and her rather intense relationship with her lover. In fact, nothing about the actual video has anything to do with the perfume, and it is only at the very end when Natalie asks, "And you, what would you do for love?" followed by the actual perfume. Looking through the comments on this video, I saw many that sounded a lot like this:

"When I watch this advert I feel like a Miss Dior."
"Nothing shows what you would do for love than an expensive perfume."
"Best ad ever I'm obsessed with it."